BCS: Physics Class Robots

This past week in Physics, Mr. Guthrie’s students have been working on a project to construct Syringe Robots. The main goal is for the robot to be able to grab a tennis ball, lift it, turn it, and drop it in a beaker. Different things used in making the robots include: beakers, syringes, screw drivers, tongs, duct tape, foam board, tuning fork, string, marker, and a tennis ball.

(Chloe Taner, Randall Ulangca, and Richard Ulangca)

Chloe, was the project hard?
No, it just took a lot of thinking.

Richie, would you recommend this project for future classes?
Yes, it makes you think and brainstorm novel ideas.

Randall, if you were in a contest with this project, would you win?
Yes, because of its beauty, it’s really attractive, and it actually works.

If you could add to the project, what would you add?
Randall: Lights
Richard: Wood
Chloe: More color

Article submitted by: Brittney Chalfant