BCS: The Right Brain Project and The Hooligan Awards

trophyThe sophomore Bible classes were given a project called, “The Right Brain Project,” in which they had to pick a passage and present it in a creative way. Before presentation day, the students really dug into the passages that they chose to fully understand the meaning of their passage in a more powerful way. The presentation format was different for each group. Some teams presented in front of the class, some in a group setting, and some in front of the entire sophomore class.

As a reward for their efforts they were given a little party called the “Hooligan Awards.” The awards included best music, best object, most memorable, and many others.  Mrs. Hooley, sophomore Bible teacher, said, “This is the second time I’ve done the Hooligan awards and each year it’s a joy. The students did such a great job studying their passages and presenting the meaning creatively. It’s great to honor their hard work in a fun atmosphere. What’s better than winning a 2-inch plastic trophy after months of hard work?”

Great job, Sophomores!

Article submitted by: Olivia Byler