BCS: Internship Highlights – Matt McNeal

Internship a2012 sem 1Professional Career Internships are on-site activities in which students engage in learning through practical and relevant career experiences. Because we have so many students enjoying their internship experience, we want to share a few of their stories with you this semester. 

Senior, Matthew McNeal, is an intern at his church, First Christian Church in Kendallville,  with his mentor Dan Consentino. Matt interns in a youth program that encourages young people, Christian or not, to walk the life of Christ. Matt enjoys spending time with a particular student, who we will call Jack for confidentiality reasons. Matt helps Jack understand what he needs to do in order to walk in faith of Christ. Matt says, “The best part of this internship was helping Jack come to know Christ. Jack’s parents were arrested and are no longer in his life, so being an mentor in his Christian life is very important to me. I am seeing Jack’s eternity change from an uncertain end, to a beautiful and loving end with God.” Matt loves his internship because he can see the lives of the youth changing before his eyes. He thinks it is the perfect way to see how God is changing His people for the better.

BCS is always looking for new businesses to partner with in order to help develop the internship program offer additional career experiences for our students. If your business would like to partner with BCS, please contact Mrs. Graf. Any student who is interested in completing an internship should see Mrs. Graf at least one semester prior to the desired internship. Every effort is made to secure an internship location that will create a meaningful experience for the student.

Internship information submitted by: Deb Graf
Student interview submitted by: Christen Webb