BCS: Internship Highlights – Hannah Steiner

Internship a2012 sem 1Hannah Steiner, a senior here at BCS, interns at St. Peter’s Lutheran School, in the first grade class with Ms. Dierks. She spends a little more time with Ms. Dierks’ class this semester because she gets a half-hour longer with them, than she had last semester. When Hannah arrives at St. Peter’s, her first job is to eat lunch with the students. She said that the students often argue over who gets to sit next to her during lunch. They all love her!

After lunch, Hannah tutors a student in math. Sometimes, Ms. Dierks will ask her to make copies for the students or grade their homework. Hannah also enjoys helping the students with their art projects. Her favorite part of the internship is seeing things from the teacher’s perspective as opposed to a student perspective. The biggest difference, she said, is that the teacher doesn’t really focus on the individuals, but rather keeping the whole class under control. Hannah also noticed how much the students look up to the teacher. She said that it’s nice to see the teacher’s perspective because she’s only known the student’s perspective her whole life.

Article Submitted By: Shelby Sims