BCS: Volunteer Coordinator Announcement

bravesExciting News for BCS!  We have so many loving families willing to serve our students at Blackhawk Christian School that we decided it was time to get organized and to help parents help BCS!  Gina Grant has a big heart for the mission of BCS and is excited to be our Volunteer Coordinator.  She currently serves as a committee chair for the BCS Dinner and Auction, and is ready to start some new initiatives that will serve students, inform new families, and extend warm-hearted wishes to all of our families.  Gina and her husband, Rob, have 2 children, Emily and Holly who both attend Blackhawk Christian School.  So if you see familiar faces serving in new ways know that Gina Grant is inspiring and coordinating these teams to volunteer.  If you would like to discuss volunteer opportunities or have any questions please contact Gina: rg_grant@msn.com or 260-414-4254.

Article Submitted By:  Abbe Starr