BCS: Children of the Light

DwellChapel this week was all about living as children of the Light. AJ Young, Wesleigh Byrd, Mrs. Carmen and Hannah Harris all shared testimonies of what God has done and is doing in their lives. AJ’s story told of how God will always be there to help His children through rough times and that there is purpose in everything. The lesson Wesleigh shared was that Satan wants us to think we can never get out of our sin and that sin now owns us. This is not true! God’s arms are always open for us to come running into. Then, Mrs. Carmen shared a story from her life to demonstrate that we need to run towards the Light of Christ, even if it hurts and is hard. As we run towards it, the Light becomes brighter. Hannah said that when you sincerely ask God to be in your life, He will change you forever through His presence. Ephesians 4:23-24 talks about becoming a new creation in Christ through the resurrection. Mr. Holloway closed chapel by reminding the student body that, “We are but sinners saved by grace. Thank God for the empty tomb!”  Happy Easter!

Article Submitted By:  Shelby Sims