BCS: Internship Highlights – April Meuter


Internship a2012 sem 1April Meuter, a senior here at BCS, is currently interning with Deaflink, at the League of the Blind and Disabled. April gets to work with the interpreters for about four to five hours a week, and has experienced on the job training as she goes into the field with these interpreters and their clients. This internship has benefited her in so many ways, including helping her to decide on a career. April appreciates the fact that she is able to get a realistic idea of what her future career will be like on an everyday basis.  Going into this internship, April imagined the job of an interpreter would be routine from day to day.  However, she discovered that every day is different, working with different clients in different locations, and in situations that are both rewarding and challenging.  She said the most positive thing about her internship experience is that she learned what it takes to be an interpreter and how prepared she has to be for her job. There is much still to be learned by April, including medical terminology, the ethical boundaries of an interpreter, and growing in her knowledge of sign language.  Next year, April is planning to attend IUPUI and to major in ASL Interpreting.

Article Submitted By:  Claire Andrews