BCS: CSW – A Week of Chapel

DwellApril 15, 2013 marked the beginning of Christian Service Week, and the student body was able to enjoy four days of chapel.  On day one, Connect Groups sat together to cheer on their sponsor teachers as they participated in the Teacher Olympics. Afterwards, Matt McNeal talked about how what seemed to be pointless fun was actually demonstrating the enthusiasm that we, as a student body, are capable of having. He encouraged us not to forget about that enthusiasm as we go into Christian Service Day.  On day two of Christian Service Week, TK, a youth minister at Grace College, came to talk about the eternal souls of the people around us. Sometimes, people don’t think about the eternal, but TK reminded us that, “every person is more than a physical human being,” and Christian Service Day is based upon the eternal. TK showed us that one person can have a huge impact on the eternal destination of a soul.  Christian Service Day could influence someone’s eternity.                                                                                                                             We had TK back with us again on day three, and he shared that true ministry shows itself by giving us joy and power, and that ministry in the name of Jesus is what life is all about. Jesus’ last words to his disciples were a command to go and make disciples. A person’s last words are generally very important. Jesus was emphasizing that ministry is immensely important. TK gave us some helpful tips on how to do ministry in our daily lives.  The first ingredient is friendliness. Second, is starting a conversation with the people you are around, and the last, is turning that conversation to the gospel.  We walked away from those chapels feeling encouraged with the fact that we could make a difference for eternity every day, not only on Christian Service Day, if we would choose to live on mission for Christ.                                                                                                                                                   Day four of Christian Service Week began with a surprise: Christian Service Day got moved to April 26! Everything else went as planned; a worship chapel where as a student body we sang praises to our great God and prayed that He would put His hand over us next Friday.  Praise the Lord for a great week of chapel!

Article Submitted By: Shelby Sims