BCS: SCRIP Information for Summer

scrip_support_our_school_t1SUMMER SCRIP SCHEDULE  The Scrip office will be open during the summer on MONDAY & THURSDAY 9:00 – noon.

$50 SUMMER SPECIAL – WE’RE GIVING AWAY SCRIP AGAIN!!  Purchase $1,000 or more of Scrip this summer (June 5 – Aug. 14) and be eligible to win one of 4 $50 Scrip gift cards.  (Note:  Credit Card purchases of items <5% will not be included in the $1,000.)


SCRIP sales for the 2012-2013 year are up approximately 9% over 2011-2012.

We have had nearly 500 families purchase Scrip this year.  This includes many from Blackhawk Ministries who support the Scrip program on Sunday mornings.  100 of these families have purchased $1,000 – $5,000 and 34 have purchased over $5,000 in Scrip.

The top 4 Scrip retailers this year are Kohls ($75,000), Meijer ($105,300), Walmart ($153,150) and Kroger ($253,825).

Our most popular Scrip restaurants are Casa ($5,000), Subway ($5,080), Pizza Hut ($6,700), McDonald’s ($7,400) and Starbucks ($9,390).

Marathon sales, at $67,675, are slightly more than double what we sell in Speedway.

We are glad you took the time to read our Blog post.  ANSWER THIS QUESTION, WRITE YOUR ANSWER on top of your next Scrip order, and WE WILL GIVE YOU a $5 GIFT CERTIFICATE!!  Question:  How much more Subway scrip have we sold this year than Casa?  This offer ends June 4, 2013.

Article Submitted By: Annette Johnson