BCS: Middle/High School Principal for 2013/2014

bravesBCS is pleased to announce that Mark Harmon has been hired for the position of Middle/ High School Principal. Mark will be joining the administrative team the middle of the summer and be in place for the beginning of the 2013/14 school year. Below is a short bio about Mark and his family.  Please pray for Mark and his family as he makes this career/ministry change. This is an exciting time to see another one of our graduates come back to BCS for ministry!

Mark’s journey at Blackhawk started in 1985 as a Kindergarten student.  He spent thirteen years at BCS, graduating in 1998.  After four years at Bethel College, he returned for five years as the varsity baseball coach, and remains active with his family at Blackhawk Ministries.  As a teacher, he began his career at South Side High School in 2002.  After teaching for six years, he made the transition into school administration.  He spent a semester at the Anthis Career Center, and a semester at Wayne High School as a full-time administrative intern before taking his current position.  For the last four years, Mark has held the position of Middle School Area Coordinator in Fort Wayne Community Schools working directly with district central office administrators, principals, assistant principals, counselors and classroom teachers.  He’s had the primary responsibility of analyzing data to provide direction and support to school improvement plans and curricular decision-making.  Additionally, he has led groups of administrators and teachers in professional development and training, and has coordinated district-wide professional development for 800+ middle school teachers.  Mark has been married to his wife Courtney for 9 years, and has a three-year-old son Oliver and a seventh-month-old daughter Charlotte.


Article Submitted By: Linda Pearson