BCS: Senior Chapel

DwellThis past Wednesday was our Senior Chapel. Ten seniors led us in worship and, for most of them, it was their first time ever helping with chapel. After worship, Hannah Harris and Ryan Shuherk read a creative rendition of James 2:14-26, which talks about faith and works, and was a great introduction to Mr. McKown’s message.  Mr. McKown defined faith to us as believing and trusting God actively.  James 2:14 states that faith is dead without works. What good is faith, if not paired with works? We don’t want to just sound like Christians, we want to live like followers of Christ as well. Mr. McKown stressed that the reason we are on earth is to glorify God and one way we do that is through our active faith. Abraham was considered righteous because he acted out of his faith.  Mr. McKown ended with the reminder that despite our tendency to say we decided to follow Christ when we were young, the truth is, we make the decision to follow Christ every day.

Article Submitted By: Shelby Sims