A Powerful Start for AWAKE Week

chapel 8.26Chapel was held Monday August 26, 2014

Blackhawk Christian Junior/Senior High School  started awake week with a very blessed chapel. Worship, lead by Josh Paff and Alexis Pierce, began with the song “Beautiful Things.” As we finished the praise, Mr. Holloway took the stage to give us the Word of God. He mentioned that we were having technical issues but Mr. Holloway continued and asked the BCS students to pray with him.

After the prayer Mr. Holloway continued with the Word of God. He started off with reminding us the chapel theme “Follow”. He mentioned that  as a Christian school God is so common that sometimes we forget how awesome God is, but he challenged the BCS student body to pray that we recapture the awesomeness of God. Mr. Holloway used many scriptures to let us see what we have to do to FOLLOW God. For example: “Then Jesus told his disciples, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.”  He mentioned that we had deny ourselves COMPLETELY to follow God and save our lives. He also did a presentation with students Jake Fiedler, James Freeborn, and Isaac Mansfield to show us that we serve 1 GOD IN TRINITY , only one God with 3 persons. The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit that are uncreated, incomprehensible, almighty, God the Lord, and together.

When the Word was done, Mr. Holloway asked us to pray for each other. Josh and Alexis took the stage again and lead us in the song “We are running”. The chapel class set up tables around the sanctuary by grade level. At every table they put a basket with students names on note cards. Every student who wanted to pray for someone grabbed a card and wrote a prayer for another student. It was a blessing seeing students praying for each other. After everyone was done, Christian Klinker prayed to dismiss.

Article Submitted by Luis Campos

Photos by Christine Miller