AWAKE Week: Tuesday

IMG_5464On the second day of Awake Week, Mr. Hyde spoke about creation, the involvement of the Trinity in creation, and the relationship between us and God. He made a point of saying that this week, as a whole, is not a light subject and that it is essential to our faith as it is our foundation. He started off by saying 6 things that are true. These six points were:


  1. Our salvation is by grace through faith in Jesus Christ

  2. All people are sinners

  3. Jesus Christ rose from the grave

  4. The Bible is our authority

  5. Jesus Christ was no mere man – He is God incarnate (in flesh)

  6. God has revealed His very nature to us as the Trinity

Mr. Hyde talked about how if God revealed his nature to us, then shouldn’t we pay attention? Want to learn, study, and try to understand it? The way God’s nature is revealed to us as what we call the Trinity. He is revealed as three persons, but that does not mean that there are three gods. Christianity never has and never will teach that there are three gods. God simply just reveals himself as three persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

All three persons are involved in creation. They are all involved in the creation of the universe and special creation, which is the creation of humans. Why do we care? We care because God, who is so super and so awesome, stooped low enough to make all of us.

The Bible also uses the word creation to describe making the Word of God, which involved all three parts of the Trinity. The only reason God would give the Bible to us is because he wants us to know more about Him and love him. The Word is a source of wisdom and knowledge; it’s not just about to navigate the world, but how to have a relationship with Him.

“Creation” is also used to describe the creation of a “called-out people,” or in other words, His adopted family. We are gathered into God’s family and he accepts and adopts us as wretched, broken sinners. There is also a creation of new creations. New creations are what we become when we accept Christ. When we accept Christ, we are no longer slaves to sin. Why do we care? Because we have a new unique way to worship God: IN EVERYTHING WE DO.  We worship God when we learn about him, and not just hat he’s done, but who he is.

Article Submitted by Jillian Rich
Photos by Liz Coats