AWAKE Week: Friday


On the last day of Awake week we watched the video we started the week out with again. Then Mr. Holloway, and Mrs. Hooley went through and talked about the topics through out the week.

We started out with Mr. Hyde talking to us about the Father. He told us that we have the opportunity to worship, and study, and learn about, and to think about him. On tuesday Mr. Webster talked to us about the son. And talked about service, serving for God and not for people to see us. Then Mrs. Hooley talked to use on thursday about the Spirit, and how we are Christian fakers- we welcome the spirit, while we still do wild and crazy things.

Students were split into grade level classes and prayed together in groups. There was a great sense of unity with the seniors especially as they stood together, arm in arm, for prayer.

Then we ended out the spiritual week reading the Apostle creed as a school all together in unison and we need to remember to follow God as one.

Article submitted by: Melissa Aurilus

Photos by: Christine Miller and Eli Trumbull