The Sovereignty of God

IMG_3053This week’s chapel began with the band. After we worshipped, Mr. Sefton came to the stage and told us about his transition from his old school to Blackhawk. He spent the first years of school home schooled. His parents put he and his brother into public school and he made many friends. He felt like he made a home at that public school and just when he made that home, his parents decided to send him to Blackhawk.

Mr. Sefton was angry and upset about the move. He was bitter walking through the school. Mr. Steve Longbrake, the principal at the time, noticed how upset Mr. Sefton was and talked to him and helped him feel better about the transition.

Mr. Sefton then introduced Mr. Longbrake. Mr. Longbrake talked about how God is able to do anything, but when his wife was dying, he stood still and watched. He didn’t feel like God was there, but he knows that God is always there, he just chooses when to intervene in our lives. Bad things may happen but God is always there.

Article and photo submitted by Liz Coats