Blackhawk Student Competes in Golf State Championship

Blackhawk junior, Jaycee Bunner, recently received a medal for her performance golfing in sectionals. She advanced to the regional competition, where she placed fourth. This week, Jaycee is representing Blackhawk at the state championship match.  The following is an interview conducted with Jaycee about her experiences with golfing.

Is there any specific reason that you enjoy golfing?

– “I used to not like it when I was younger, but the more I played it, the more I began to like it! I know that is a cliche statement, but itʼs true!”

How long have you been playing?

– “My whole life!”

Do you wish there were more people or do you enjoy the publicity of being one of the only female golfers?

– “It actually works out well because both my sister and I play volleyball so itʼs easy to adjust our schedule when we need to! We donʼt need to worry about missing a practice because both of us are in the same place and our parents are there to cheer us on no matter where we go!”

What was your season like? Wins/Losses

– “I had a few losses and got in 2nd place a few times, but my wins definitely outweighed my losses.”

You have obviously done well because youʼve just gotten through regionals and are headed off to state. Are you excited?

– “Iʼve never gotten to state before so Iʼm pretty excited!”

We know that you also play volleyball. How do you balance each sport?

– “Right after school, I go to volleyball practice. And then, I go right to golf. So I donʼt get home until around 7:30 or 8:00 p.m.”

Do you and your sister get along on the course?

– “Itʼs not really any different. We used to do this all the time. We would always go on tours and other things together. We are like best friends!”

How have your parents supported you and your sister?

– “Well my dad is the “head” coach and my mom is my “assistant” coach. So we get a lot of support from them! If we didnʼt, that would definitely be a problem.”


Article submitted by Christine Miller