Welcome to our School

New students
Freshmen students who are new to Blackhawk this year. From left: Noah Peterson, Celina Burke, Malena Tipton

Blackhawk is a place with exceptional students and faculty. We are proud to welcome all the new students who make this place even better! Here are just a few of them.


What is your favorite thing about this school?

  • Noah Peterson: Bible Class, Mr. Davidson
  • Malena Tipton: Theatre Class, Mr. Freeborn
  • Celina Burke: Not being the only student. I was the only student at my old school!
  • Emily Day: The students are so nice and friendly

Junior, Emily Day

What is the biggest difference from your old school to here?

  • N. P: The people are a lot nicer!
  • M. T: The people are so welcoming
  • C. B: The lockers!
  • E. D: We are not allowed to chew gum and drink in our classes

What are your hobbies?

  • N. P: Reading
  • M. T: I love being involved in plays and musicals. I also love to read.
  • C. B: Painting and Theatre
  • E. D: Soccer…My team is the best!


Article Submitted by Rachel Walters

Photos submitted by Liz Coats