Senior Girls Finish their Last Season Strong

girls soccer4

The girls soccer team huddles before the game against New Haven begins

  The girls soccer team is about to finish up their season. Their senior night was on Tuesday, September 30. Chloe, Sarah, Aviana, Deb, and Megan all had the opportunity to win their last home game and they all had success in completing their goal. The score was 3-0 with two goals from Rebecca Kanpol and one goal from Emily Day. According to Sarah Claussen and Aviana Wyall, 2 seniors on the soccer team, Blackhawk had a really solid team this year, but they also played a lot of tough schools. The girls had a successful season and are hoping to go far in sectionals. The following is an interview conducted with Sarah Claussen and Aviana Wyall.

Is everyone on the team close in girls soccer3relationship with each other?

  • Sarah – “Yes, we are a very knit group. Our personalities really mash together.”

Sarah Claussen dribbles the ball down the field

Itʼs obvious that you guys have had some pretty funny and awesome memories. What are some of your favorites?

  • Sarah – “Insanity. When our instructor did the zumba with us. Going to La Ville tournament because we spent the entire day together.”
  • Avi – “Definitely senior night!”

You just had your senior night on Tuesday. Sectionals are just around the corner. How will you prepare differently for the most difficult part of the season – mentally, physically, and spiritually?

  • Sarah- “We have devotions every game as well as praying. We will probably have the same amount of intensity in our practices. We will have a sectional dinner to celebrate the end of the regular season and the beginning of the intense competition. We also pray with the other team after every game.”

Was there a team that you loved playing against?girls soccer1

  • Avi – “Definitely Bishop Luers! This girl from Luers and I were just having a blast, and we honestly didnʼt care about where the ball was!”

Aviana Wyall fights for possession of the ball.

Was there a team you hated playing against?

  • Avi – “Garret. This girls got really physical and the game wasnʼt fun at all. We didnʼt do that well. I was so mad afterwards even though we won. By the grace of God we won because a girl from Garret scored for us.

Why do you guys like playing soccer?

  • Sarah – “I love playing because of the people that play, not just because I play. It is a fun game to play, but not for the competition.
  • Avi – “The game is fun. It is a world-wide game. Everyone loves it. Everybody should know how to play soccer. It is more of a European sport, but we should love soccer more than we do.

Article submitted by Christine Miller