Volleyball Goes to Sectionals Tuesday

P1050873The volleyball team has made it far in their season this year. They finished their regular season well by beating teams they’ve never beaten before! For seniors Sara Miller, Summer Sordelet, and Victoria Littrell, it was a season to remember. Even though Victoria got injured toward the beginning of the season, she has been a trooper and has persevered through the toughest times. She is now getting ready to dominate on the court. The volleyball team has just won sectionals for the third year in a row and now they plan to win regionals for the second time tomorrow at South Central High School. They will play at 7:00. Come out and support your lady Braves! The following is an interview conducted with seniors Sara and Summer.

For those of us who don’t know, what is being on the volleyball team like?

  • Sara – “I don’t think people know how hard we work. A lot of people think that since we are girls, we don’t work that hard. Most people would be surprised to find out how much effort we put into practice. I think it’s also the coaches who have instilled in us the determination it takes to work as hard as we do.”
  • Summer – “We all have one goal that we all push forward to complete. It is that fact that keeps us pressing on. We have almost gotten to that goal too.”

You guys just won sectionals and regionals are tomorrow. Are you excited? Is there anything you’re planning on doing differently to prepare for regionals?

  • Summer – “I think it’s going to be pretty comparable. We will just have to work harder as a team to accomplish our goal.”

Was there a team that you most enjoyed playing against?

  • Sara and Summer – “Definitely Wes-del! They are #1 in the state and we beat them in 3 games. Since they had never lost a game, they didn’t know how to come back and turn things around when we won the first game. It was pretty amusing to witness.”

Was there a team that you hated playing against?

  • Summer – “It’s harder to play lower-ranked teams because it’s difficult to play the game that we have the ability to play. It was also difficult to play higher-ranked teams because their game is a little bit better than our’s, so we have to work extremely hard! But that is exactly how we beat Wes-del!

What is the most important aspect of your team as far as playing goes?

  • Sara – “Family. Having unity. Being in it together. Everyone is going towards one goal, so we can all work together to accomplish that goal. Without unity, we definitely wouldn’t be where we are at today.


What do each of you like most about playing volleyball?

Sara – “Being part of a team. It feels really good when we win, and it feels especially good when we are the underdog who nobody thinks will win, and we end up pulling through.

Sara, we heardthat you just committed to playing volleyball for Grace College. What is your reaction? Are you excited? Are you planning on playing in college as well, Summer?

  • Sara – “I’m really excited. I think it’s a good fit for me. A lot of hard work has been paid off. This has been my dream for a long time, so that fact that it is starting to become reality is just amazing to me.
  • Summer – “No, I am planning on going into elementary education for college. I am currently interning with the pre-school class here at Blackhawk! I absolutely love it and I am really looking forward to digging deeper into it in college!”

Have you had any special memories that will stick with you for a long time?

  • Sara – “It was a really a big deal when we beat Wes-del. There was also a time when Marta hit a girl in the face. After being hit, the girl ascended into the air and fell right on her back. Marta has a habit of doing that every so often.
  • Summer- “Anything and everything that Maddie Byrd does. She is absolutely hilarious!

Congratulations to Sara Miller for officially committing to playing volleyball at Grace College next year! We wish you the best of luck and we hope that you will succeed in whatever you do!


Article submitted by Christine Miller.