Spirit of comfort

chapel 10. 25Last week Chapel was moved to Friday, which was still a great blessing. We started off watching a video with a poem called Rainy Day. It reminded us that there are times we feel broken but The Spirit mends us. Our speaker for this week was Suze Fair. She is part of Fellowship Missionary Church. Mrs. Fair talked to us about how God send us the Holy Spirit to be our guide. She also reminded us that we can follow God with all our heart. We do not have to worry or be concerned if we can trust Him or not. WE CAN! She asked the question, “How do we know we are listening to the Holy Spirit?” Then she gave us three answers:

I.) You’re trusting and believing God like you never have before.

II.) You become the person your parents, teachers and pastors have told you it’s possible for you to be. (Develop the fruit of the Spirit)

III.) You’re doing God things you couldn’t do on your own.

The sermon really was uplifting.

Article submitted by Luis Campos