Get Schooled!


On Monday, November 4, Blackhawk Christian High School had the opportunity to host a mini concert for Royal Tailor. Royal Tailor is teaming up with Remedy Live for a Get Schooled Tour. They are creating an Outreach Program for public schools to foster positive relationships, encourage people to use social media in a positive way, and teach students about bullying that takes place everyday. We had the opportunity to be the pilot of the program so that they could test it out and see how it works on high school students.



Royal Tailor is an American Christian Pop/Rock band. While attending college, Tauren Wells, DJ Cox, and Blake Hubbard started Royal Tailor. Royal Tailor quickly gained experience by performing more than 300 shows in two years. They are now widely known and have partnered with several companies for different programs to spread the Gospel of Christ! Thank you, Royal Tailor, for allowing us to be a part of this amazing program and we wish you the best in sharing the Word of God to our community!


Article submitted by Christine Miller