Careers Wax Museum


On October 31, 2013, Ms. Jessica Clayton’s freshmen classes presented a live wax museum with the help of Mrs. Becky Carman. The students chose career that they would consider pursuing and completed research including interviews, data research and college or pathway research. As a culmination of the activity, the students created a short speech with an elementary audience in mind. On Thursday, the 31st, they presented their speeches wearing the uniform of their chosen career.


Two Blackhawk second grade classes from the North campus visited the museum. When they entered, all of the career people were frozen in place and remained as such until one of the students came by to press their button. The freshmen did an excellent job of remaining in character and many gave their speeches over 20 times!

Thank you to all of the students, staff, and parents who helped to make the museum a great success!


Pictures are available at the following link. To view or download, you will need to create a Shutterfly account and be approved as a member. All freshmen students have access through their school Gmail account.

See pictures here