The Walls of Unforgiveness Imprison Us

IMGP2658On November 20, Mitch Kruse came to speak to us about the Son part of the trinity. He used the analogy of a car to explain the concept of forgiveness. If you have one bad tire it is like not letting go of forgiveness. If you hold too tight to the wheel you become imprisoned. He then used the story of the Unforgiving Debtor in Matthew 18:21-35.

He said there are four prison walls of our life. If we keep up one wall, we are still imprisoned. The first was revenge, which is paying back somebody what they did to you. The second was resentment, which is to feel something again and again. Third was regret which is the thought to change the past. The final wall was resisting blessing which is withholding the positive. We need to let go of these things otherwise we can’t forgive. If we have Christ in us it helps us with forgiveness.

Submitted by Emily Koehlinger