Are You Ready for High School to END?

Thinking about life after high school is terrifying. A student has to think about college, careers, and family. To reach their goals after high school, they all must first graduate. Being successful in high school has a lot of steps: students have to be committed to school work , learn how manage time, and be responsible.

Be responsible:

Senior, Rachel Walters, said that when she was freshmen she did not care about school and all she wanted to do was have fun with friends. As a senior she realizes that she had to work hard all four years.

“I think it is important (to be committed) because when you get into college they look at all your grades through freshmen to senior year. It is important to get accepted but even more important for financial aid. Choosing the right friends who encourage you and more importantly encourage you in your faith in Christ is very crucial.”

Be committed:

It is very important for a student to to take school seriously. It is easy to get lazy and not want to work hard. The more the student gets use to being lazy, the easier it is to end up with piles and piles of homework. Senior, Katelyn Wieland shares her responses to the following question: Was there a time you procrastinated and you had a lot of homework to catch up?

Katelyn Weyland- “I procrastinated a lot on papers and it was really stressful because its like two weeks of work I had to make up”

Time Management:

Time management is a skill need for life. Many seniors have a part time job at the moment and need to learn how to manage their time. He or she has to learn how to make time to sit down and do homework, pray and read the bible, hang out with friends, and work. Students do not always have time to do everything in one day, but can make a “To Do List” and prioritize the most important things to get done. It works.

Senior, Mariah Moonen offers this advice on managing time wisely: “I make a calendar so I know what I have through out the week and I plan my school work around that.” – Mariah Moonen

 To an underclassmen, high school may seem like it never finishes. We wake up every morning and do the same routine. Many students just want high school to be over, but don’t realize until it’s too late that you need to be successful in high school in order to have a good start to life as an adult. There are three important things you have to do finish high school successfully. Commit yourself to school, manage your time wisely, and be responsible. If you do these three things, you will have a better chance to do well in life.

 Article Submitted by: Luis Campos