God’s Hammer

This chapel focused on God’s hammer and God’s good news. In this world we have been found guilty, with many things being the cause. Selfishness, Lying, Idolizing- just about anything you can think of that our world throws at us. Being wrapped up in all of this can make anyone worry that they have fallen short of God’s glory once again and we face God’s hammer or judgment. A lot of us tend to only think of God’s hammer or judgment. We often forget about the good news that we have been declared “not guilty” because of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ delivered a way for us to be able to repent, when He sent his one and only son to be sacrificed for us. This is a way for us to be able to offer our sins up to God and ask forgiveness. What it comes down to is the fact that the Lord was so willing to sacrifice his son so we could have a form of repentance.

Article submitted by Angelica Farrell