Mac v. PC

Mac versus PC has been a long disputed debate for as long as they’ve existed. It raises the question, which is better? Cost wise, it is quite obvious that PCs cost much less than Mac products. Mac computers generally start at $599, and PCs usually cost around 40-75% less.

One downside to having a Mac is that it is much easier to obtain a virus because of its lack of virus protection software. Because there are so many different virus protection softwares designed for PCs, it makes it much easier to protect your computer.

Regarding applications, many of PC’s applications are also available in Mac. For example, the Microsoft Office program serves the same purpose as the Mac’s Pages application, and Microsoft powerpoint has similar features as Macintosh’s Keynote program. There are some universal programs available on both systems such as the Google Chrome web browser.

The overall consensus of the students interviewed was that PCs are the more preferred computer program. Sophomore Jillian Rich says “I like PCs because they are easier to type on.”

Article submitted by Michaiah Creason