The Power of the Trinity through Testimony

P1090083This week’s chapel was a great time of fellowship, where we heard three testimonies from: Christen Webb, Adam Vanderdeusen, and Mrs. Roberts. The testimonies were given to give evidence of God’s amazing works in their lives, but also to represent the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Christen’s talked about how she struggled with her relationship with her earthly father in her tesimony, but also talked about how her Heavenly Father was always there for her, even when her earthly father wasn’t.


Adam’s testimony was about his struggle through his “early” years against Christ, but ended up giving his life to Jesus at Awake week during his sophomore year, when Mr. Holloway was the speaker.

Mrs. Roberts testimony was used to bring in the Holy Spirit, because she spent years “plugging her ears” from the Holy Spirit. Mrs. Roberts talked about how she was “fake” among different groups of people, but she went on a missions trip to Albania, in which God

P1090118“broke” her heart, and she decided to live for Christ. Mrs. Roberts testimony showed how we shouldn’t worry about what others think of you, because it restrains you from looking and pursuing God.

This chapel was very powerful, and moving, and was closed from a prayer by Christian Klinker.

submitted by Brittany van de Leur