Have you studied this book?

Francis-Chan1This Wednesday we met with our Connect groups and watch a video called “Have you ever studied this Book for yourself?” by Francis Chan.The video was about truly studying the Bible to form your own understanding rather than accepting theology that is given to you in church or by others. It posed the question, ‘If you really studied this book, what would you think about faith and how church should be?’

After the video we were asked questions about the video like,  “When you open up your Bible, do YOU feel peace?” and, “Do you agree or disagree with what Francis Chan says? Why or why not?” We took a few minutes to answer each question, finding that we had many different opinions. The questions helped us see different views about what people think about the Bible and how they interpret it differently than we do.

My question to you is: Have you studied the Bible for yourself?

Article submitted by: Joseph Angelo