BCS Make up Snow days

Snow days will be made up on the following dates:

Cancellation:                                                      Make up date:

  • Monday, January 6th                          Pending approval of waiver
  • Tuesday, January 7th                         Pending approval of waiver
  • Wednesday, January 8th                    Friday, February 14th
  • Thursday, January 9th                        Monday, February 17th
  • Friday, January 10th                           Monday, April 21st
  • Tuesday, January 21st                        Monday, June 2nd
  • Monday, January 27th                        Tuesday, June 3rd
  • Tuesday, January 28th                        Wednesday, June 4th

Order of makeup days for additional cancellations:

  • Thursday, June 5th
  • Friday, June 6th
  • Monday, June 9th

If there are additional cancellations, we will send a text alert about the make-up of each cancellation so you can follow along and plan accordingly.

If you are not signed up for BCS text alerts,

  1. Send a text message to 40404
  2. In the body of the message type:  “Follow BhawkBCS” (as written, note the space)