Christian Service Week

Last week, Blackhawk Christian School students participated Christian Service Week. They attended daily chapels to prepare their hearts to serve on Monday and Tuesday; on Wednesday, connect groups went out into the community to serve others in the name of Christ.

Christian Service Week Chapels began Monday with Tony Oplinger’s message about the Kingdom of God. He stressed that creation was perfect and beautiful and God is the king. He talked about how another kingdom came into existence and is fighting a war inside of us- this is the kingdom of death and sin. Although a war is waging, Jesus has already won the battle and lives inside of us if we accept him. Although the sin brought by the other kingdom is ugly and destructive, he stated, “Because of Jesus, one day the world will be beautiful again.”

At Tuesday’s chapel, Tony spoke about being a neighbor. He wanted students to look around to see who their neighbors are, but more specifically, he wanted to stress that neighbors are anyone who needs help around us. Tony then went through the story of the good Samaritan and how he was a neighbor to the man that was robbed and left half dead on the side of the road, despite the consequences he could experience for helping the man. He shared that a neighbor is someone who sees a need, is moved with compassion, and meets the need regardless of risk, costs, or barriers.

On Wednesday, Whether they were mulching, cleaning, raking, or otherwise, students worked hard to help the community and to represent Christ. They were all blessed to meet new people and brighten their days with acts of kindness and service. They bonded and grew closer with others within their connect groups.

On Thursday, students gathered in chapel for a day of reflection, sharing their experiences from Wednesday and worshiping in song.

Christian Service Day Video