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What is “hineni?”

Hineni is a Hebrew term that means “here I am” and it is also the central theme for this year’s chapel.

The first chapel of this year began with junior, Laurel Flegge and senior, Christian Klinker telling us what exactly chapel is. They described it as a place to connect and further your faith without being judged- we are able to raise our hands and sing aloud in worship and not worry about what others think.

A couple students shared what chapel has meant to them in the years they have been at Blackhawk.

Senior Emily Day said, “We get so busy during the week with school, friends, family. So it’s wonderful to take a break and reconnect with those who love Christ just as much as I do.”

Senior Riley Reimschisel shared his experience, “Coming here from New Haven and seeing all this love for Christ, this love for worship, and this love for each other was a huge surprise to me. We really take this time for granted. Being able to take time out of our day to worship and know more about God is such a huge blessing.”

Junior, Maddie Byrd and student body president, Ben Bailey, discussed this year’s theme, here I am. They said that whenever God calls you, to respond with open arms saying, “Here I am Lord.” Responding to God’s call doesn’t mean you have to travel across the world, we can answer God’s call in our school, our work, our church, and our friend group.

Senior Ryan Overbeck shared a different perspective for us this year on worship in chapel. He said that worship is not a performance that should elicit claps or cheers from an audience. Rather, it is a time to connect with the Lord. The students on the stage are no different from those in the audience. We are all equal worshiping Christ.

Submitted by Liz Coats