NWEA: Advancing Growth for BCS Students

NWEA Testing is a very important test at Blackhawk Christian school. NWEA is offered at the high school for grades 7th-10th. This testing is a tool to help teachers and students track and understand their growth throughout this year and years to follow.    Students at our school take the test three times per school year; once in the fall, once in the winter, and once in the spring. Each time includes a test to measure their aptitude in math, reading, and language. The data is broken into categories for each test and helps teachers target lessons in areas where students struggle most. The NWEA test is very helpful because it helps students understand their level and see where they are strong and where they can improve in certain subjects. In addition to grades, it is another indicator of progress.

There are many advantages to this testing, but there are also some challenges.  One complaint that middle school Language Arts teacher, Mrs. Roberts had was that it takes class time to complete. To alleviate this problem, this year the testing time will be divided between classes other than just Math and English. Over all, NWEA Testing is a great test that is very useful to our students and teachers.

Mrs. Carman has given this tip for new students who will  be taking these tests this year: “Just do your best. Set goals when you get the results and try to meet those goals.”

The first round of testing for this school year took place beginning Thursday, September 18th and will continue through next week.


Article Submitted by Riley Saleik