Fools in the Theatre Department

Things are happening in the theatre department at BCS. Auditions for the fall production of Fools by Neil Simon began on Wednesday, August 20th. I interviewed Mr. Luedeke and he told me about a few upcoming events and details of the production.

What can you expect from the play?

Fools is a Neil Simon comedy. He is an author known for his witty use of language and the way he builds joke upon joke. This is a very funny play with some clever twists and wonderful characters.

When is the play Fools coming out?

The school preview performance will be on Wednesday, October 15 with public performances on Friday and Saturday, October 17 and 18. This is a four-day weekend after teacher in-service days. I am hoping we will get a good audience turnout even in the midst of the extra days off school.

What is the play about?

The play is a fable set in a small village in the Ukraine in 1890. The village of Kulyenchikov has been under a curse for 200 years rendering every citizen in the village hopelessly ignorant. The doctor of the village sends out an advertisement summoning a school teacher who can come to the village and educate someone in order to break the curse. What the teacher does not know is that he only has 24 hours to break the curse or he himself will be rendered stupid as well. Falling in love with his pupil only complicates the task.

What is your take on having a small cast?

Casting is a nightmare: there are so many talented students at BCS, and some of them were not be cast just because of the small number we can use. I hate disappointing people. Once the cast was selected, I have loved working with the smaller number. Each cast member can receive individual attention and the cast can really gel as a close-knit group of performers. It’s been a long time since I have directed a small cast show.

The musical this year is Tarzan. Will it have a small cast?

No. Tarzan is a large cast musical with plenty of spectacle, visual appeal, acrobatics and a full chorus of… APES!

With all the answers from Mr. Luedeke we can tell one thing. The Theatre Department at BCS has a lot of good stuff in store: amazing actors, hilarious wit, and a unique love story.

The play Fools promises to have it all. Make plans now to see the comedic Neil Simon play this fall on October 17th and 18th.

Article submitted by Victoria Coats