Repentance in the Presence of God

IMG_0008On the first of October, Dave Souers delivered an applicable message on Repentance. The sermon was based on the fact that Repentance is not about guilt, it is about God’s grace.

As Christians, we often misinterpret this word. Repentance is not a couple words you say to clear your conscience. As Dave Sours said, “It’s literally a change of mind…” A change of mind in this case is taking  -turn in your life; turning away from sin towards God.

Dave talked about coming undone. Coming undone involves an encounter with God. It accompanies salvation. It is only accomplished through Christ. It is an action of repentance, and it applies the grace of God.

When was the last time you came undone?

God is in the business of restoring the repentant.

Article submitted by Victoria Coats