A Starr in the Making

This year’s fall play is the hilarious Fools by Neil Simon. Premiering October 15th, this production will be a huge hit for Blackhawk Theatre. We interviewed Blackhawk’s very own star, junior, Jake Starr.

What is the upcoming play about?
The story is of a man that accepts a teaching position in a remote village in Russia. This village has been put under a curse that has lasted over 200 years. He is unaware of this curse, but slowly figures it out through interactions with the other characters. His job is to teach a doctor’s young daughter, who he has fallen in love with. Regardless of the curse, the teacher stays for the daughter and tries to break it.

Tell me about your character.
My character is the doctor, the father of the girl the main character falls in love with. He’s very sincere; he wants to help people, but because of they curse, he can’t.

Do you feel like you connect with your character?
I do. The doctor loves people and so do I. He also enjoys the feeling of doing something good which is something I also enjoy.

How are your fellow cast members?
They are so great and talented- so amazing to work with. They are super funny and play their characters so well!

Anything you want to tell the student body regarding the show?
It’s gonna be a lot of fun and you will definitely laugh a lot. I’m really excited for people to see it!

foolsArticle submitted by Liz Coats