BCS Student of the Week: Luke McClung

With the summer still fresh in our minds, most of us really aren’t looking forward to the cold. Of course along with the cold comes snow and ice, but for some the ice is not a bad thing because it means ice hockey season. Ice hockey is a team sport played on ice in which two teams of skaters use sticks to shoot a hard rubber puck into the opponent’s net to score points.

Ice hockey is a very fast-paced and physical sport. The United States comes in second to Canada with the most people who have played the sport of hockey. The National Hockey League formed in Montreal in 1910. Professional ice hockey made its way to America in 1924 when the first team, The Boston Bruins, were formed. since then ice hockey has made its way into the hearts of people all over the country.

Screenshot_2014-10-03-10-34-49Hockey has a reputation for being a violent sport. You may picture players with missing teeth and black eyes being plowed over and mashed into the ground by their opponents on razor-sharp skates. Violence aside, hockey has many merits and a few Blackhawk students enjoy the sport in their spare time.

BCS freshman Luke McClung spends five hours a week playing and practicing this unique sport. He plays defense on the Bishop Dwenger ice hockey team through the Indiana State High School Hockey Association, or ISHSHA league. He doesn’t seem to mind the violence that infamously accompanies this sport. 

“The best part of ice hockey is hitting people to protect the goal or get the puck. And getting hit is definitely the worst,” explains McClung. 

I can only imagine the aggression and frustration that develops over the course of a match and sometimes creates a dangerous situation between players. People can get out of control and administer sneaky hits or shoves and keep a dispute astir even after a game.

Despite the danger involved, McClung and other students enjoy the thrill and competition of the sport. Catch a hockey match this season and support our fellow BCS student!

Article submitted by Abigail Brown