7th Graders Unite!

Last week the 7th graders, along with most of their teachers, went to Kreager park and participated in many team building activities. They did many activities, including obstacle courses and three legged races. Throughout all the activities and games that the student participated in, they had to use teamwork with each other. Olivia Coats enjoyed the field trip, and was glad she had the opportunity to get closer with her class: “We had fun on the unity field trip and bonded as a class.” At the end of the field trip, they got back together at the school for a time of reflection. Cami Pope took away that “it is important to work as a team.”

Teamwork was the main purpose for this field trip, and having the classmates grow closer together. Overall, this was a very successful trip, and many students formed new relationships with each other.

Article submitted by Riley Saleik