Playing the Fool

In just a few short days, BCS students have the privilege of experiencing the first performance of the play, Fools. The matinee takes place Wednesday, October 15th and public shows occur Friday and Saturday of the same week.  Junior Cameron Chambers shared with us what we can expect from his character and the play next week.

Chambers says his favorite part of this production so far has been sharing the experience with other actors and growing with them as a family.

Chambers identifies with his character, Leon Tolchinsky, because after Leon falls victim to the curse on the town, he becomes a complete fool. “I feel my stupidity sometimes can rival that of Leon’s,” jokes Chambers. Although he can identify with Leon’s character in some ways, Chambers says this is one of the most challenging roles he’s played yet. “Portraying Leon’s intelligence is a struggle. He shows his intelligence in everything that he does- even how he drinks his water! I usually act loose and crazy and random.”

Like all of us, Cameron Chambers is really looking forward to the preview Wednesday and the performances Friday and Saturday.

“People should come to see this play because of it’s overall message. I don’t want to spoil it all, but there are many things that the cast has learned from this play; things that have helped us cope with life and grow not only in a social environment, but also in our spiritual lives.” -Cameron Chambers, Leon Tolchinsky