The “Reale” Dream

After watching videos and reading books on entrepreneurship, and conducting countless hours of research, BCS junior Jonathan Williams was inspired to start his own clothing brand.The brand is called “Reale”, which translates to “royal” in Latin.

IMG_6961In 2013, while spending Christmas break in FL, Jonathan met up with his artistic cousin about his first branding design for Reale. With Jonathan’s vision and his cousin’s art school skills, the two collaborated to create a crown which Williams has used in the design of t-shirts and tanks for guys along with the brand name “Reale”. For ladies, Williams designed crew neck shirts. In addition to shirts, he has also produced slim sweatpants for guys with a cursive “R” on the side.

IMG_20140524_092030Sales for Jonathan have been successful. His strategy is to market to peers in school. He has also recruited celebrities to advertise his clothing on Instagram and Twitter. Kayden Stephenson, a former American Idol, Grayson Goss, made famous through the popular app, Vine, and Jared Draheim, singer and songwriter have all been helpful in advertising. These celebrities have boosted Williams’ sales in other states and even in other countries.

Williams has big plans for the future of “Reale”. His upcoming designs for winter inventory includes a girls’ zip up jacket with a cool design.

For now, Jonathan will keep pursuing his dream with Reale, hoping it will have continued success!

Article submitted by Danielle Williams