Getting to Know LoveCollide

On Wednesday November 12th, Blackhawk Christian had the incredible honor of watching the family band, LoveCollide, perform. The two sisters, Lauren and Brooke DeLeary, have been performing together for many years inspiring listeners with encouraging lyrics and uplifting music. After their chapel performance, Mr. Holloway’s 7th and 8th period English classes were able to have a Q & A with the girls.

Q: I understand you perform at both schools and youth groups. Which of the two do you most enjoy?
Brooke: Definitely schools. The energy is so much different. Everyone at the schools is excited and energized. And those at youth groups are calm and collected. School shows are just overall more fun.
Lauren: But we normally have to get up at around seven AM for school shows. I really like your chapel. It’s after lunch and everyone’s awake.

Q: During your performance, you explained your struggles and later sang about them in your music. What made you want to be so vulnerable?
B: We want people to open up to us. And we can’t expect them to do that unless we open up to them. I can’t just say, “Hi, I’m Brooke. What’s your deepest, darkest secret?” No, we have to put our insecurities and our struggles in the open and hope that others do the same.

Q: Is there anything we as a school could pray for as you continue on your tour.
L: Definitely our health. It’s sick season and we have caught a few bugs. Brooke was actually out for two whole weeks. And especially with our ever-changing sleep schedules and diet of only coffee, it’s hard to not catch something. So, it’d be great if you all could pray that we stay healthy.

You can find out more about LoveCollide and their upcoming events here.