Student of the Week: Jake Starr

Jake Starr is in his 12th year at Blackhawk Christian and is a member of the Junior class this year at BCS.  Jake has a broad spectrum of activities he likes to do outside of school. In his free time, Jake enjoys acting (he is always one of the lead roles in BCS’s dramas and musicals), playing golf, hanging out with friends, and watching Seinfeld. Jake loves his great family and has 2 brothers – Noah, a BCS graduate of 2014, and Tucker, a 6th grader at Blackhawk.

Perhaps Jake’s most talented craft is acting. Anyone who has seen a BCS drama in the past couple years knows that Jake is an extremely gifted actor. Jake says that his  all-time favorite drama to be a part of was BCS’s Fools, from Fall 2014. Jake played a certain Dr. Zubritsky and loved being this funny character. Jake received high praise after nailing his role in Fools, and considering his great skill, he could go very far in the acting business. In fact, Jake aspires to be a professional actor for his future profession. Considering his phenomenal skills, don’t be surprised if you see Jake Starr starring in a big movie in the coming years.