Study Tips for Finals

Everyone is already looking forward to Christmas break. The vacations, presents, and just a break from school in general excites everyone. Sadly though, students ranging from grades 7-12 have to take finals before the semester ends and Christmas begins. In order to succeed, studying needs to happen. Read below for some essential study tips that could help you get a high score on finals.frabz-finals-week-come-at-me-bro-56831d.jpg-itok=YeKbPCxc

  • To start, understand your goal. Know what the final is going to be over so you know how to study. You don’t want to waste your time and energy on things you won’t need to know for the exam.
  • Find the perfect spot to study. It should be somewhere comfortable, quiet, and free from distractions. Your bedroom, a library, etc. could be a good spot, as long as it’s free from the TV your phone or any other distractions.
  • Create a study guide for yourself. Organize notes for what you need to go over. Take a homemade practice quiz, or ask your siblings or parents to quiz you over the material.
  • Keep your energy levels up. Eat a healthy snack such as fruit, nuts, or anything that keeps awake. Avoid sugary snacks as they may cause you to crash.
  • jpeg;base64762fe0f8dc5c02fbFor every fifty minutes you study, take a ten minute break. During the break do a few stretches and clear your mind.
  • The night before finals, get a good night sleep (8-9 hours). Your brain works much better after it has had a chance to rest.
  • The morning of, make sure to eat a healthful breakfast that has plenty of protein, fiber, and carbs. Don’t eat something high in sugar. A well-balanced breakfast will give you plenty of energy to get through the day, while a sugar-high breakfast will make you crash.
  • The final thing to do is to relax. You know you have done everything to do to ace the final, have faith in yourself, and you should do just fine!

Article submitted by: Danielle Williams