Christmas Around the World

RMS_brettdebbie10357281-exterior-christmas-lights_s4x3_lgChristmas in America is the same every year. Houses are wrapped in tons of twinkling lights, almost everyone is wearing an ugly sweater, and little kids wait and wait for Santa to bring presents. Christmas music plays all day long on every radio station, traffic is crazy due to last minute shopping and people traveling. We are all used to this, it’s a normal, every year thing. To other countries, our traditions may seem weird or even interesting. Their traditions may seem weird to us too. Listed below are a few countries with some of their odd traditions and myths.

  • deep fried caterpillarsSouth Africa: Here in america, we eat a ton of yummy foods during Christmas.Their Christmas delicacy is deep-fried caterpillars.
  • Norway: There’s no cleaning on Christmas Eve in Norway. Norwegians hide all of their brooms so that they’re not stolen by witches and evil spirits.
  • kfc-kentucky-fried-chickenJapan: Instead of celebrating Christmas with ham or turkey, the citizens of Japan celebrate with KFC.
  • Venezuela: In Venezuela, it is tradition to attend mass on Christmas Eve. However, the citizens of Caracas Venezuela have made it a tradition to travel to mass in roller skates.
  • WILD28Ukraine: We always decorate with pretty lights and sparkly ornaments. On the top of the tree, there is a pretty angel or star. In the Ukraine, they decorate their trees with spiders and their webs.
  • Czech Republic: On Christmas Eve, single women stand in front of their doors and throw a show over their shoulder. If the toe of the shoe points toward the door, legend says they will get married within the next year.
  • Iceland: In Iceland, the Yule Cat stalks all of those who have not yet received new clothes. If a citizen of Iceland has not gotten new clothes before Christmas Eve, they are to be eaten by this fierce cat.
  • befana1Italy: There’s no such thing as Santa Claus in Italy. Instead, a friendly witch called Befana, delivers the gifts to the children.
  • Greece: In Greece, they believe that the Kallikantzaroi, evil goblins, will come up from the ground and wreak havoc on the whole town.
  • Gavle goatSweden: In Sweden, a 13 meter goat is built in their town square. At midnight they set it on fire. This tradition started in 1966, when the goat was built, a group of arsonists lit it on fire.

Here are some interesting tidbits about Christmas in the United States that you may not know:


Article submitted by Madison Arrington