Christmas Chapel

We’re all familiar with the Christmas story- how Jesus came to earth as a baby, the shepherds saw a star and followed it to him, and the wise men came with gifts for Jesus.

Although we know the story, we often get wrapped up in the gifts, we get distracted by the lights, and we become obsessed with the holiday feasts. It’s good to hear the Christmas story again, as if we are hearing it for the first time.

IMG_0011In chapel Wednesday, we were transported to the middle east, walking past people in costume and elaborate decorations on the way into worship. Mr. Luedeke, sitting in an armchair at the front of the stage, took us back to a simpler time when we were children, sitting in a circle and hearing the story of the wise men for the first time.

IMG_0022During the story telling and worship, Senior Sydney Frater painted a canvas of the star the shepherds followed to find Jesus. A scene was set where Jesus played quietly with his mother beneath the star as the wise men came up through the aisles, finally finding him in the end and bringing their gifts.

IMG_0039Speaker, Luther Whitfield continued with the theme of the wise men, sharing how important it is to pursue Jesus. He also made the point that we should be in pursuit of others as the wise men were in pursuit of Jesus since we play a part in others’ ability to see Jesus. He brought up four main ideas to consider when pursuing Jesus:IMG_0052

  1. Pursuing Jesus may be inconvenient. Are you willing to inconvenience yourself and truly say “Here I am, send me”? Luther said, “If there is injustice for one person, it affects us all.” IMG_0042
  2. We need to be sensitive to the voice of God. The wise men had to listen to God’s voice to know that they should not tell Herod where they found Jesus.
  3. It’s not what Jesus can do for us, but what we can do for Jesus. What can you do for him?
  4. If we have seen Jesus, we can’t go back the way we came. At some point, we realize that “the kingdom is bigger than our little part of the world and if we look hard enough we can see our Jesus everywhere.”