New year, New me

“New year, new me.” The most typical phrase heard in January of every single year. Gym memberships rocket, junk food purchases plummet and everyone is trying things they’ve never done before. Each new year, we try to develop the perfect image of ourselves that we have inside of our head with high hopes that this year we will finally follow through with the same exact resolution we have had for the past three years.

calvin new yearsEven if you don’t write down your resolutions, we all have things in the back of our mind that we wouldn’t mind changing. We took a survey and 46% of students at Blackhawk Christian School said they made a resolution for this year. Clearly, many of our students are very interested in making a resolution this year.

Some of the most common resolutions that we heard from students at Blackhawk were to read daily devotions, be more healthy, be content with the plan God has for us, reach out to others and bring them to Christ, and to be more appreciative and thankful.

GoldfishIn addition to the resolutions above, there were also some unique resolutions.  One student resolved “to feed (his) new goldfish everyday because (he’s) lost 6 goldfish due to lack of being fed.” Good luck, Jared Fiedler.

Staying-PositiveMany students resolved to improve their attitude and outlook for the new year. Freshman Victoria Coats said that her resolution is to “be more optimistic,” and Freshman Autumn Dreifke told us her resolution is to “be a happier person.”

A couple of anonymous people even enlightened us by sharing that their New Year’s Resolution is to get a girlfriend.

Not all students are fans of making resolutions. One anonymous survey respondent shared, “I think New Year’s Resolutions are dumb and irrelevant. Change is not a thing that happens overnight. It is a process.”

And there we have it folks, the very wide variety of different resolutions we have for the year. Wishing the best of luck to everyone who made a resolution, and for everyone to have a very Happy New Year! What’s your resolution for this year?