CANdy Land

Build1On Friday April 17th, a group of Blackhawk students took a trip to Glenbrook Square in order to bring their vision for canstruction to life. The team of students, led by senior Bethany Stoller and sponsors Joe Rich and Joel Guthrie, had the idea to build “CANdy Land” to fit this year’s theme of “CAN-tology”.

The display included an elaborate manifestation of the popular board game, Candy Land, including a towering “Protein Pyramid”, colorful “Fruit Forest” and a monumental “Corn Castle”.

Come vote for Blackhawk’s display with a canned food item that will be donated to the Community Harvest Food Bank. The display will be up from April 18 through April 26, 2015.

BCS CANstruction TEAMTeam members: Bethany Stoller – Captain, Ashley Carlson, Cameron Chambers, Sidney Clay, Claire Cummins, Laurel Flegge, Benjamin Flueckiger, Anna Henry, Christian Klinker, Emily Koehlinger, Rachel McGlennen, Sydney McKown, Ryan Mitchell, Lucas Norton, Jillian Rich, Michaela Rumple, Alexandra Seabeck, Emily Thayer, Timothy VanDeLeur, Cassandra Wurst, with BCS sponsors, Joe Rich and Joel Guthrie.

Time Lapse video of the construction