Christian “Servants” Week

This past week, students and faculty at BCS celebrated Christian Service Week. At chapel Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Blackhawk was fortunate to have Michael Brown as the speaker.

Serving others was the main message of his sermons. He presented tough questions like, “Why do you serve?” He used Isaiah 6:1-8 as an example of serving in all motives. Many of us serve for the wrong reasons. Self-love, pride, and wanting admiration or respect can draw students to serve. Some people may just help others because it looks good on a college resume. Whatever category we fit into, Mr. Brown said it is acceptable, as long as you are serving God in all circumstances.

Another question he offered was, “How is Christian service different from service of nonbelievers?” A list of service jobs that atheists had accomplished was displayed on the board. He said that Christian service is a “life change” not just a temporary benefit. Therefore, we need to set ourselves apart from others in all of our actions.

Interestingly, he suggested the idea for the name “Christian Service Week” to be changed to “Christian Servants Week”. He said as faithful children of the Lord, we should focus on serving the Lord every day rather than checking a finished project of a list.

Lastly, Mr. Brown said that all too often service work is an attempt to fix. He said we should step into the shoes of those we help and try to see things in their light. He said we should lead others by listening to them. His challenge to us was “Serve with no expectation of expecting anything in return.”

After the great sermons, students were able to reflect on the chapels with prayer and worship, preparing themselves to be servants of the Lord.
The week culminated in a day of service on Friday. Students were scattered among local neighborhoods, nursing homes, and other places in the community. DSCN3971