Six Reasons Why you’re Secretly Excited to go Back to School

  1. You get a thrill from picking out all the new school supplies.

There’s something so appealing about those fresh notebooks and crisp folders. Patterned, plain—it doesn’t matter. Multi-colored G2s, mechanical pencils; If you’re lucky, you might even get a new package of Sharpies!

SchoolSupplies 2. You have a reason to get a new outfit.

Sure you can save money to buy new clothes any time of the year, but besides your birthday and Christmas, this is the best excuse to possibly get your parents to help fund new clothes. After all, you need to look great for that first day (week) back.640px-LIG_26


3. Your parents deserve a break from your summer break.

Let’s be honest, they are probably much more excited than you are.

back-to-school-parents-celebrate-zero-days-left4. You’re really excited to see your friends and catch up.

You’re used to seeing them EVERY DAY and you haven’t seen some of your friends since June! Just look at Nemo’s face. All is well with the world. finding-nemo-ray

5. You actually miss the routine.

Sure you appreciate the freedom in the summer, but admit it; it’s kind of nice to have a schedule to follow and a more predictable pattern during the week. Did you get bored this summer?

karen-mean-girls6. To be honest, you actually like school (just don’t tell anyone!)

Whether it’s the opportunity to learn new things every day, the extracurriculars and electives, the teachers who invest in your life, your friends that you see in your classes and the halls, or even your entertaining lunch period, there is something special about school that you miss (at least a little bit) in the summer!