6 Things you are missing about summer

1. You are missing the nights of when you did NOT have homework. We all miss those nights when we had so much free time were we could watch 3 seasons of our favorite show on Netflix… in one night.


2. Remember those days where you could wake up at any time instead of waking up at 6? We all know that dreadful feeling of having to set your alarm clock. In a positive light, at least your snooze button is getting lots of love.                     2.

3. Shorts and Tank tops! It was so nice just slipping into shorts, tank top, and flip-flops. It was fast, easy to put on, and totally weather appropriate.


4. The days seemed alooooot shorter. The hours went by quick and the days only seemed like a couple hours long. The “short-days” life was good man.4

5. Anything went, and maybe there wasn’t a certain time you ate breakfast, lunch, or dinner but that’s okay. Cereal still tastes the same even at 2:00pm. 5

6. Hanging out with friends ALL the time. You can actually feel the freedom of spontaneously calling at friend at night and inviting them over.6

Article submitted by Shayla Marcel

Photos via http://www.reacticons.com