Let’s Be Real

Friday’s chapel consists with beautiful worship songs that blended so well with the topic, “Real.” When we first walked in the chapel doorways we were handed a roll of paper. We noticed the various sizes of mirrors across the outer aisle.

The roll of paper contain the questions:

*Are you putting up a false front with other believers and unbelievers?

*How can you be real with others?

*How are you showing Christ to those around you?

*Who can you be praying for today?

*Is your self worth defined by the world or by God? How can you remember you are a son or daughter of the king?

*What are the baits that you get hooked by?

*Are you a listener of God or just a hearer?

*Are you living out what God says?

Hopefully these questions touched you in some way.

As a reminder of the chapel theme for this year, key chains with important verses were provided for students to keep. Those key chain verses will help us remember to be real with ourselves first, with God, with others, and with the world.

Article submitted by Anna Mortensen